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    Globe Public wireless internet offers high speed wireless internet with mobility...

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MOBILEMAX is a high speed mobile broadband internet connection, Plug in your MobileMax dongle and you’re ready to email, download documents and view web pages when you're out and about – or in the office.

The software installs itself in seconds, so you only have to plug it in and you’re ready to start working immediately...

Now available in Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu


Globe WiFi

Wireless Internet access, known as WiFi, or wireless fidelity, allows you to get rid of the cables dangling from the back of your PCs by broadcasting Internet connections via radio waves.

This is a public wireless setup provide by GIL to offer high speed wireless internet with mobility, via Wi-Fi integrated devices such as laptops, desktops ,mobile phones or any device that works within a radius of 200 to 500 meter.


Globe internet is pleased to introduce its new Enterprise high speed broadband Internet Connectivity "Corporate Max" which offers dedicated minimum bandwidth of 512Kbps or higher based on the subscribed package.

This is a prepaid service that gives organizations the flexibility to acquire high speed bandwidth on Quota based system, the internet transmission will be offered over fiber optic backbone.

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